Guiding principle:

1. Provide employees with a good workplace, people-oriented, mutual respect and love.

2. Continuous learning and innovation is an indispensable part of enterprise strategic management.

3. Adopt higher standards in material procurement as far as possible.

4. Create value for customers and always adhere to customer satisfaction first.

5. Actively contribute to social development.

6. Regard profitability as a necessary condition for future development.

Corporate philosophy: innovation, transcendence, brand and responsibility

Innovation: constantly innovate, make high-quality products in the industry and serve the society

Surpass: surpass your dreams, surpass yourself, and strive for further and better goals

Brand: attach importance to brand and implement brand strategy

Responsibility: provide high-quality services for society, customers and employees

Corporate values:

Customer view - take customer demand as the guide, cultivate loyal customers and create lifelong customers

Service concept - service has only a starting point and satisfaction has no end point

Concept of Talents -- gathering of people, tolerance, encouragement and guidance

Competition view -- fair competition and continuous self-improvement

Marketing concept - honest cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win results

Management view -- strictly regulate emotional accommodation

Development view - adapt to the changes of market and environment, continue to innovate, develop scientifically and pursue excellence

Quality concept - product is character, and brand comes from quality

Crisis View - be prepared for danger in times of peace. Enterprises without crisis consciousness only have death

Learning View - learning ability is equal to competitiveness

Team view - integrity, respect, responsibility and pragmatism

Outlook on personality - treat people with sincerity and cultivate oneself with faith

Work Outlook - team spirit, optimistic, never give up, self-motivated and achieve goals